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I Appreciate Their Thoroughness

After having the privilege of working with Ivan and Amy during a challenging time of caring for my dad, I would strongly recommend their sitting service, Caring Senior Service, to anyone who is caring for a loved one. 

First of all, I appreciated their thoroughness. Ivan called to gather relevant information that would help the sitters meed Dad's needs before he took the first sitter to meet Dad. 

Amy, who is a nurse, interviewed and assessed Dad's condition. Ivan consulted with me whenever a problem occurred. Dad was probably one of their more challenging clients because of his strong personality, "I can do it myself" attitude, and his paralyzing fear of falling. However, Ivan, Amy, and their sitters understood him and showed him kindness and respect. 

When Dad's condition worsened, Ivan worked closely with my brother, who had come to stay with Dad. Not only did he work lovingly with Dad, but he encouraged by brother to take breaks and to get the rest he needed. Ivan also became our friend. For instance, he took time to just talk and listen to my brother, which was a blessing to him. 

Thank you for all you have done to help our family when we were overwhelmed with the responsibility of choosing the best path to take that would both honor Dad's wishes and make him comfortable in his final days. 


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