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They Offer the Highest Quality of Service

As an employee of Caring Senior Service, I am treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Thus, please know clients are treated even more so.

Currently, I have 2 assignments, [one with Caring and one] with another Tucson agency.  But for the fact I like my clients, I would leave this other agency. When I am in the [other company's] office, I hear the staff complain about clients and mock clients; I witness the staff causing scheduling mistakes too frequently, and worst of all, there are pervasive negative "attitudes." Both of my clients with this other agency will not even allow the Client Service Representative into their homes!

Thus, since I am able to make a comparison [between Caring and another home care agency] via personal experience, I highly recommend Caring Senior Service! They truly care about their clients and offer the highest in quality of service. The clients are everything, as they should be.

-Sandra M.

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