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Good Fortune

Alice and I, now 89 and 90, have had the good fortune of having Myrna help us in our home as a Certified Nurse Assistant and Health Aide.

The only thing as impressive as the depth and breadth of her resume is her presence on the job. She is a self starter. She anticipates our needs and takes care of them.

If handed a new piece of equipment with the request to get this started please, it's up and running, saving us hours. No matter the need, technical or menial, if the patient needs it, Myrna can handle it. If someone is at the door or calls on the phone, Myrna's got it. If it is time for lunch, Myrna will have it ready. Need a shower? She will get it ready and stand by to assist. Need a rub down, she can do that, too. Does the visiting nurse need a hand? Myrna has a knowledgeable one. Did I say, she is neat, clean, well dressed, and smiling with a pleasant attitude and a responsible home-life as well? A wife, a mother, and a daughter? Well, that too. Need to deal with the pharmacy, get a prescription, need groceries? Just tell her and its done. Need equipment for your oxygen to work? She knows who has it and how to get it.

It is just so fortunate that there are folks around like Myrna to help us oldies. But frankly we really don't think there are many equals. We believe Myrna is just plain SPECIAL! We find her equipped to do whatever she professes to be able to do.

-Bob and Alice S.

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