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I Found Such a Wonderful Caregiving Service

This is just a brief note just to let you know how wonderful I found some of your workers, and I would like to brag on them. First I’d like to thank Mel and Sari for their kindness, patience, and devotion to me as a patient.

Mel especially knows how to go the extra mile when walking with me, no pun intended. Emma was my main caretaker, and she is such a hard worker and a wonderful person. I feel blessed that I found such a wonderful caregiving service. I don’t think my house has ever sparkled so much or smelled and felt so clean.

But, I’d like to also mention Barbara, who made my bathroom sparkle, and Vivian, who knew exactly how to find the bargain, and Jennifer, who organized my kitchen and pantry so well that my son was so proud that I had not wrecked the organization. And last but definitely not least is Ms. Emma. She was an absolute delight. I looked forward to her coming every day. She was an extremely hard worker and a delightful companion.There are not many people with the heart of gold like Ms. Emma.

Thank you for sending me your best employees. Thank you!


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