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A Caregiver's Perspective

Every assignment of caring for someone new, starts with getting to know one another. In the course of getting acquainted, it is our unique privilege to get a glimpse of someone‘s life.

Most of the time, there are stories of those happy days, recalling to be the driver for all friends to a wonderful outing, picking up one by one on the way, in one’s latest car. By now, being the one who may have to be wheeled around in a rather unstylish wheelchair. This is the exact moment in time for us caring givers to add a little spice to life. The wheelchair needs to be nicknamed after a car model of choice, a fancy pillow dubs for leather seating, a blanket over the legs represents a favorite car color. You are the personal UBER driver chauffeur, and off you go on your adventures together.

In order to chase the blues away, we [caregivers] may learn how a person in care has overcome hardships throughout life. Many times, the secret was simply following the age old Latin advice: Ora et Labora, meaning "sighing in prayer" and just continuing on with working hard at living the art of life. Encouraging someone to follow their own life motto may assist with viewing current challenges as another curve ball. 

At one point, the time will come to round off life, and it will be the caregiver‘s crucial role to reinforce familiar rituals: a childhood song, a Lord‘s Prayer, a list of loved ones to say good-bye to, a special outfit to wear before that day comes, delicious foods to sample one more time. And lots of roses to smell!

-Angelika G.

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