Personalized Care for Stroke Survivors

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Seniors who have suffered from a stroke often face a long recovery time and may experience the physical effects of the stroke for the rest of their lives. Our Stroke Specialty Program allows us to provide personalized care to give stroke survivors and their families peace of mind.  

Our program helps our caregivers to identify the needs and preferences of each senior and to coordinate care with health professionals and family members to help seniors remain happy and at home.  

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“Care and medical management should be tailored to the individual patient, with a focus on preventing complications.” –

What’s covered in our stroke Specialty Program:

  • Medication management 
  • Caregiver training specific to strokes 
  • Transfer and ambulation assistance 
  • Durable medical equipment recommendations 
  • Assistance with specific therapy exercises 


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"Throughout recovery, the patient’s needs change, so the care plan and treatment plan must be modified accordingly."

– American Nurse Today

"Each stroke patient has a different presentation and a distinct path to recovery based on what area of the brain has been affected. The full impact of the stroke may not become apparent until the patient has been home a few weeks. Adequate support from family and caregivers is critical at this time."

– Nursing Center

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