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Are you at risk? Strokes are the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the US. However, over 90% of strokes are preventable. By knowing your stroke risk, you can start taking preventative measures today to better your overall health and reduce your chances of stroke.  

Our Stroke Risk Factor Assessment includes 8 of the most common risk factors for stroke, including blood pressure and cholesterol. Fill out the self-assessment and then learn more about each risk factor and what you can do to prevent a stroke. 



Stroke Risk Factor Assessment
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“Everyone can reduce their risk of having a stroke by making a few simple lifestyle changes.” –

What’s Covered in Our Stroke Risk Factor Assessment: 

  • Self-assessment to help you determine your risk of a stroke 
  • Detailed overview of how each risk factor on the assessment contributes to a stroke 
  • Action items to help you address stroke risk factors in your life 


"There are many factors that increase the risk of stroke. Some are controllable, but others are genetic and can only be counter-acted with effort by you, and in collaboration with your physician."

– Memorial Health

"A stroke can happen to anyone, but there are some things that increase your risk of a stroke. It’s important to know what the risk factors are, and do what you can to reduce your risk."

– Stroke Association

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