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Technology continues to evolve, and new technologies have been impacting the senior population in a positive way. Care is becoming easier and more effective thanks to new developments. 

And there’s still a long way to go! There are many developments that haven’t been released yet that could reshape senior care as we know it. Get a sneak peek at cutting-edge technologies that are being developed to help seniors. 


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“Today’s technology can keep seniors engaged, connected, mentally active, and physically safe, making it increasingly important for our loved ones to keep in the high-tech loop.” –

What is covered in Senior Care Products of the Future:

  • Stevie the Robot 
  • Hexoskin smart shirts 
  • Reemo smartwatches  
  • Mindme Locate 
  • ElliQ from Intuition Robotics


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"Technology like this can help alleviate the stress that seniors face when taking care of themselves. They can also help provide vital data and trends that can later be reported to doctors to help seniors develop the best plan of care."

– National Council for Aging Care

"In general, technology is helping to give senior citizens an improved quality of life through increased connectivity and a sense of community."

– Senior Living

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