Personalized Care for Seniors with Pneumonia

Refer a loved one 

Seniors are more prone to developing pneumonia, and the condition can often lead to hospital visits and lingering symptoms. An in-home caregiver can help seniors remain safe at home and avoid hospital readmission during their recovery.

Our pneumonia-specific care program helps caregivers identify and address the needs of seniors recovering from pneumonia and coordinate with health professionals and family members to help seniors remain happy and at home.

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“Care and medical management should be tailored to the individual patient, with a focus on preventing complications.” –

What’s covered in our pneumonia Specialty Program:

  • Breathing treatment assistance and medication management
  • Focus on improving quality of life for seniors with pneumonia
  • Assistance with nutritional intake and specialized diets
  • Care coordination with home health agencies
  • Infection control and prevention


Refer a Loved One

"Caregivers should make sure a loved one is receiving proper hydration, eating at least a small amount of healthy food, and reporting worsening or new complications."

– Dr. Norman Edelman
American Lung Association

"Caretakers and family members should stay mindful of symptoms and be aware that pneumonia can be persistent and difficult to treat in elderly populations"

– National Council for Aging Care

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