Infection Control Through Specialized Care 

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COVID-19 is 3x more likely to cause serious complications in the elderly than the flu. However, many infectious diseases like COVID-19 can be avoided with proper training and care. 

Caring Senior Service provides infection control-specific care, meaning that we have processes and care plans in place to help prevent seniors from infectious diseases. 

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“Older adults and people who have severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung, or kidney disease at higher risk for more serious COVID-19. ” –

What’s covered in our infection control Specialty Program:

  • Caregiver training specific to Infection Control
  • Signs and Symptoms awareness 
  • System for Reporting Client/Employee Infections
  • Emotional comfort for Socially Distanced Seniors
  • Respite care for families 
  • Coordination with care providers 


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"Given their congregate nature and residents served (e.g., older adults often with underlying chronic medical conditions), nursing home populations are at the highest risk of being affected by COVID-19."


"The elderly, especially those with preexisting conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease, may be severely affected."

– Healthline

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