The Ultimate Guide to Pneumonia in Seniors

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Pneumonia can quickly turn into a deadly disease in seniors. Recognizing the symptoms of pneumonia early is a key factor for a safe and speedy recovery. Because the symptoms vary from person to person, it’s important to know what to look for.

This guide outlines the common symptoms of pneumonia along with causes of the disease. Plus, we offer some preventative measures that you and your aging loved one can implement today to reduce your risk of developing pneumonia.


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“By increasing their awareness of pneumonia’s symptoms and the potential impact of the disease, seniors and people who care for seniors can help prevent pneumonia or get it treated early, improving the likelihood of a swift recovery.” –

Some Areas We Cover Include:

  • Causes of pneumonia
  • Common symptoms of pneumonia
  • How to care for a loved one with pneumonia
  • Tips to prevent pneumonia


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"Caretakers and family members should stay mindful of symptoms and be aware that pneumonia can be persistent and difficult to treat in elderly populations"

– National Council for Aging Care

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"With proper recognition and treatment, many cases of pneumonia can be cleared without complications."

– Bree Normandin and Jill Seladi-Schulman

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