Personalized Care for Seniors after Hip or Knee Replacement

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Joint replacement surgeries often require a long recovery time for seniors. During this time, it is crucial for seniors to avoid falls and remain healthy to ensure a proper recovery. Our Hip & Knee Replacement Specialty Program provides individualized care for seniors after surgery to help keep them safe.  

Our program helps our caregivers identify the needs and preferences of each senior who undergoes joint replacement surgery. We coordinate care with health professionals and family members to ensure that seniors remain happy and at home.  


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“Care and medical management should be tailored to the individual patient, with a focus on preventing complications.” –

What’s covered in our Hip & Knee Replacement Specialty Program:

  • Medication management 
  • Ambulation assistance 
  • Caregiver training specific to seniors with joint replacements 
  • Recognize home safety needs to identify hazards and fall risks 
  • Durable medical equipment recommendations 


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"Throughout recovery, the patient’s needs change, so the care plan and treatment plan must be modified accordingly."

– American Nurse Today

"In the past, many were routinely directed to inpatient facilities to rebuild their strength and reduce pain after the operation... But a wave of influential studies over the last five years has demonstrated that home rehab can be just as effective, less costly and even less risky for many patients."

– Lynn Langway

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