How Far Does Your Money Go in Fresno?

By Michael Watson

When seniors are on fixed budgets it's even more important that they understand their costs of living versus the income they have coming in. Knowing that can help seniors determine what long-term living and healthcare arrangements they can afford and which are not affordable.

Each area in the US is different in terms of what care and health coverage cost and knowing that cost is key to helping seniors stretch their dollar far as they can to live the life they have earned and deserve. Here are some of the costs associated with living in Fresno, CA.

Cost of Living

Fresno is a city in California which is the proud home to the Underground Gardens and the Shinzen Japanese Garden. The city is also the base for Yosemite National Park which is decorated with both waterfalls and plenty of massive rock formations.

Fresno is home to about 522,000 residents. The cost of living in Fresno is 6% more expensive than living in the average US city, meaning it's more expensive for seniors to buy a house, purchase groceries, and get around town.

Assisted Living Facility Costs

If you are looking at assisted living facilities in the Fresno area, the average facility will run about $2,500/month. However, depending on the accommodations and amenities as well as the location which you are looking to stay at you may end up paying anywhere between $1,300/month and $4,800/month.

Nursing Home Costs

If you are looking for nursing facilities you will be paying a substantial amount more than to stay in an assisted living facility. The average semi-private room will run about $5,250/month or about $175/day. If you are looking for a private arrangement you will be looking to pay about $6,150/month.

Home Care Costs

If these costs seem a bit high for your budget then consider a caregiver or home health aide as an alternative. They can come to your home and help you with your weekly household chores and errands for about $23/hour in the Fresno area.

Hiring someone part-time for these tasks will run you about $460/week or about $1,840/month, which is only a fraction of what you would pay for a private room in a nursing facility. This also allows you to live in the comfort of your own home and continue to live the daily routine you are used to.

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