Senior Care Assessments And Tools


Home Safety Assessment »
In an effort to prevent an unsafe environment Caring Senior Service has developed a Home Safety Assessment. This assessment will help identify any unsafe areas or potential obstacles within the home and encourage independent living. Simply print and complete the home safety assessment below to avoid any hidden hazards in your home or contact us today to have one of our staff perform a free home safety assessment for your loved one.

Home Safety Assessment

Home Care Pay Options »
With more and more seniors choosing to remain at home, home care expenses are becoming an increasing concern. Fortunately there are a variety of options and programs that assist in paying for home care for seniors. Click the link below to learn more about the home care funding options that are available.

Home Care Pay Options

Comparison of Caring to an Independent Personal Care Attendant »
A family can utilize a home care agency like Caring Senior Service or a private individual to provide home care services for their loved one. Initially an independent personal care attendant may seem advantageous, but this may cause unexpected problems and liabilities for a family down the road. Click the link below to review the benefits of hiring a Caring Senior Service caregiver as opposed to an independent provider.

Comparison of Caring to an Independant Personal Care Attendant

Warning Signs that Your Loved One May Need Home Care »

Often times your loved ones won't admit they need help to stay at home and others may be unaware that it is time for some extra help to maintain a healthy and safe home environment. This guide provides 10 warning signs to look for to determine if your loved one could benefit from home care services.

Warning Signs that Your Loved One May Need Home Care