Dealing with a Loved One with Alzheimer's Toolkit

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5.8 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease, which can be a difficult diagnosis for a senior and their family to accept and manage. Because of this, it’s important to arm yourself with the right tools so that you know where you can turn when you need help and support.  

In this toolkit, you will find a collection of resources that can help you understand Alzheimer’s and related dementias and provide better care to your loved one as the disease progresses. The tools highlighted here are all free and are designed to support you as you support your loved ones. We’ve included a brief overview of each tool to help you quickly determine which ones are best suited to fit your needs. 


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“Caregivers should take advantage of all the help and assistance they can find.” –

How These Resources Can Help You: 

  • Connect with others who understand what you and your family are going through 
  • Understand what your loved one is experiencing as Alzheimer’s progresses 
  • Learn tips and tricks to best manage your loved one’s symptoms 
  • Feel confident and gain peace of mind as you assist your loved one 


"Nearly all Alzheimer’s or dementia caregivers at some time experience sadness, anxiety, loneliness, and exhaustion. Seeking help and support along the way is not a luxury; it’s a necessity."

– Help Guide

"Whether you are a new caregiver or have been helping someone for years, you can draw on the experiences of other caregivers and Alzheimer’s care professionals to provide the best care possible for the person with Alzheimer’s in your life."

– Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

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