How Far Does Your Money Go in Dayton?

By Alyssa Ball

Seniors require a lot of care and attention, whether it's medical, personal, or otherwise. This care can become a financial burden for many, so it's important to know what the options for senior care are in your area. Below you'll find everything you need to know about Dayton, Ohio and the cost of receiving care there as a senior.

Cost of Living in Dayton

  • Dayton is home to roughly 140,000 people, with 12% of them being seniors.
  • The average, annual household income in the area is just over $28,000, with the average household income for seniors not far behind at $25,000 per year.
  • The cost of living in Dayton is much less than the national average, with a rating of 74.9 (with 100 being the national average).
  • Almost 40% of seniors living in the area live alone.

Nursing Home Costs 

Many seniors opt for nursing homes when it is necessary or when they can no longer care for themselves. Even non-private nursing homes in Dayton can cost around $190 per day, with private options costing an average of $215 per day. These costs can add up quickly for seniors who need round-the-clock care. 

Assisted Living Costs

Assisted living facilities have become an ever-growing option for seniors who need some care but still want to maintain independence. These can be costly, however, with the average facility in Dayton costing over $2,800 per month. More expensive options can cost more than $5,000 each month.

Home Care Costs

Home care industries have grown exponentially and these options allow seniors to stay in the comfort of their own home and still receive the care they need. In the Dayton area, home health aides and caregivers can cost between $18-$19 per hour, making it one of the most affordable and convenient options available.

Caregivers can help with personal care, grooming, transportation, medication reminders, and more! These services allow seniors to remain at home and maintain their independence.

For more information on home care near you, refer to our services. Our caregivers are more than happy to help you or a loved one get the care you need.