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Cheryl grew up working in her parent’s nursery in McMinnville, TN, which is referred to as “The Nursery Capital of the World”. After returning home from college, she and her husband, Steven, started Greenwood Nursery as a wholesale propagation nursery in 1978.  She is now a hands-on owner working with and developing programs for organizations such as the National Association of Conservation Districts and the Arizona Land Development. She has even taken her catalogue of plants online, selling directly to the homeowner. Cheryl now enjoys talking with new and old gardeners alike, answering their questions, and helping so that they, too, are successful gardeners with their Greenwood Nursery plants.




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'Tis The Season for Poinsettias

Posted by Cheryl D. Jones on November 11, 2015

As you shop at the market this month, you’ll begin seeing poinsettias available in many colors and sizes. If you take the plunge and purchase one…or lots, of these lovely tropicals, you’ll certainly want to be able to properly care for your poinsettias so they look spectacular throughout the season. This is the most popular email question that I receive between November and January.

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Year Round Gardening: Fall and Winter Series

Posted by Cheryl D. Jones on October 9, 2015

Fall is here!

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Plenty of Time to Enjoy Summer Blooms of Hydrangeas

Posted by Cheryl D. Jones on September 16, 2015

Hi Everyone!

For us here in the Southeast, summer is still in full force with temperatures in the upper 80’s/low 90’s. But…it is September and that means that fall is around the corner. This is the best time for planting small shrubs in pots.

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Create Your Very Own Miniature Fairy/Scenic Garden

Posted by Cheryl D. Jones on August 5, 2015

Fairy GardensHi! How are you doing? Wow, it’s August already and typically the warmest month of the year. I consider it hump month…like Wednesday is hump day, once we get through it, it’s downhill to fall, and that’s my favorite season.

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See What Our Hen and Chick Plant Looks Like Today!

Posted by Cheryl D. Jones on July 7, 2015

Chick Hen Plant on February 1st and on July 1stRemember back in February when we planted the hen and chick plants here on the blog? Well…here is one of the plants as of last week. Look how much it’s grown!

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