Caring for Seniors with Congestive Heart Failure

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Congestive heart failure (CHF) affects approximately 5 million Americans and results in over 11 million doctor’s visits each year. The heart condition can cause fear for both seniors and their family members. However, there are ways to help seniors manage CHF.

With the support and care from family members or caregivers, seniors can manage their symptoms and prevent the progression of CHF. This resource outlines the causes and risk factors of CHF and provides steps that you can take to help care for a senior with CHF.

Caring for Seniors with CHF Cover

“The main reasons heart disease and heart failure patients are readmitted to the hospital include poor nutrition, medical oversight, and mobility limitations” –

Some Areas We Cover Include:

  • Overview of CHF
  • CHF treatments
  • Lifestyle changes to manage CHF
  • Tips for caring for seniors with CHF


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"Home care for homebound adults with CHF can reduce healthcare utilization and healthcare costs."

– PLoS One

"Heart failure is an ongoing, health condition that can be controlled with medications, diet, and other therapies."

– Emory Healthcare

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