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As a caregiver, you may provide care to seniors with infectious illnesses, like COVID-19. In these cases, it’s crucial that you take necessary precautions to avoid getting the infection yourself or spreading it to others.

Our Caregiver Infection Control Checklist is designed to equip you with a quick way to ensure that you are taking the right safety measures to keep your clients, yourself, and your family safe. It walks through simple yet effective measures to reduce the risks around infection.


“Caregivers must be constantly alert to the need for cleanliness. It is vitally important to prevent infections, both for you and the person you care for” – National Caregivers Library

what's covered in our checklist:

  • Tips for using personal protective equipment when caring for a senior with an infection

  • How to properly wash your hands and maintain hand hygiene

  • General practices for overall hygiene and grooming

  • Ideas for reducing the spread of infection within a care environment


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"Active infection is a challenge not only for older adults with infectious diseases, but also for health care providers. It is therefore essential… to identify challenges in the control of infection in older adults and measures to stop the spread of infection"

– Physiopedia

"Preventing these infections is a top priority in any healthcare setting, but until recently, one key healthcare service location was largely overlooked: the home"

– Complia Health

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