What Can We All Do With Just a Little Assistance?

By Jeff Salter

It’s not uncommon for our clients to need just a little bit of help. They are able to most things to continue remaining independent but there may be just a couple of things they need. It’s often that they need a little housework done, or some need us to go to the grocery store. As we age, things can be a bit more difficult and even something as routine as going to pick up a prescription at the drugstore becomes a bit more challenging.

When we are young everything is possible, but do you have to always go through it alone? Is will power, drive and hard work enough to get the job done? Sure, when we are young and have the benefit of good health, we can accomplish amazing things, but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t use some help. We can all use a little assistance and with assistance all things are possible at any age.

This year I decided to do something daring! I turned 50 last December and we are celebrating 30 years of business, so I’ve decided to celebrate our anniversary year by riding a bike to each of our 45 locations across the country.  When I added up the total distance, it was staggering, over 9000 miles! I immediately knew there was no way I could ride a bike for 9000 miles. But after some thought, it is possible, I just needed a little assistance. So, I’ve decided to take the Journey on an electric bike. This way I can enjoy the trip on a bike, hear the sounds, see the sights and really take it all in, but all the while having an electric motor providing me help. When the hills come at me, I’ll really appreciate that I have a little boost. When I get tired of pedaling, I don’t have to stop my progress, I can keep moving forward toward my destination. Sure I need to be fit to make it all the way, but I don’t have to be in Tour de France shape. With the electric bike, it’s like riding a tandem bike with someone else helping along the way.

The ride is also an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the situation that our seniors face in their communities. We know there are gaps in senior care and I am riding to also launch a movement to Close the Gap in Senior Care. During my ride I hope to inspire more people to become involved in senior care. I hope that we can attract more people to become caregivers, drive more innovation in technology that assist seniors to remain independent and have encourage entrepreneurship in senior care or assistance. I want to talk with community leaders during my stops and challenge them to ensure their communities are doing everything they can to make sure that seniors can remain as independent as possible.

Just know that we all need assistance at multiple points in our lives, whether that means having someone come into your home and help with meals, cleaning or personal care or if you’re trying to inspire others by riding an electric bike across the country.  If you want to learn about what you can do to help Close the Gap in Senior Care or want to learn more about the bike ride and follow me on my journey goto – 

Tags: Senior Safety, Fall Prevention