Top Common Tech Upgrades That Help Keep Seniors Safe

By Michael Watson

Common tech upgrades to a senior's home help make independent living safer and less stressful. With the correct upgrades, a senior's desire to remain living alone no longer has to be a scary proposition. Here are just a few modern-day safety tech upgrades that will not only keep you safe during your golden years but also allow you to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

Tech Upgrades

  • Medical Alert System: Imagine never being alone. With a medical alert system, help is truly only a touch away. A small device with an emergency button is usually worn around your neck or as a bracelet. All you have to do is push the button on the device if you fall or need immediate emergency assistance. Within seconds of depressing the button, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that help is truly on the way. 

  • Home Security: Home security systems have never been easier, more cost efficient or more reliable. Modern systems, like Ring, utilize cameras and high-tech monitors to learn your daily routine. Cameras are also employed. If anything is amiss, you are immediately notified. Even while you are away from your home you can still monitor it through the use of remote monitoring gadgets. 

  • Home Lighting: Imagine never fumbling in the dark to turn on a lamp. With smart home lighting, the lights in the room can be programmed to automatically turn on when you enter. They will also turn off when you exit. You can even run programs to keep the lights on for a specific amount of time and then shut off. 

  • Automatic Stove Shut Off Assistance: Forgetting to shut the stove off is one of the most common causes of house fires around the world. An automatic stove shut off will turn the stove off if you forget. 

  • Monitored Smoke Alarm: Smoke alarms may be difficult to hear for seniors. Often you will sleep through the alarm's siren. With a monitored smoke alarm system in your home, a third monitoring party will automatically be notified that possible fire has erupted in your home. They will immediately call you and dispatch first responders. 

  • Robots: Nowadays you never have to turn on a vacuum cleaner again. Vacuum robots can be dispatched to zoom around your home and clean the carpets. They are even designed to enter hard to reach areas such as under the couch so you don't have to worry about moving unwieldy or heavy furniture.

  • Smart Medication Dispenser: Pill organizers with alarms were once considered cutting edge. However, newer versions will automatically dispense the proper dosage for your loved one at the correct time of day. You can also benefit from ones that keep a log of each dose to be reviewed by your loved one's caregivers.

  • Stair Lift: A stair lift is ideal in 2- and 3-story homes. Seniors have difficulty with stairs and younger family members worry about a potential fall. A stair lift is installed to assist with taking seniors up and down the stairs inside the home.

  • In-House Vacuum: Chores become harder with age, and this includes vacuuming. An in-house vacuum system makes it easier to do all of the vacuuming. That's because there are hoses found throughout, and debris can be brushed to various receptacles, too. There's no longer a need to drag out a big vacuum.

There is no doubt that today's modern tech inventions are making it easier than ever to live a fulfilling lifestyle during your retirement years. At Caring Senior Service we know just how important independent living is to seniors. Learn more about senior care products of the future in our free eBook. Access our content library by first locating a Caring team near you


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