Theora Care: New Technology to Enhance Caregiving

By Ruby Cemental

According to an AARP report, the majority of caregivers are utilizing the latest trends in technology to help with caregiving. The various trends include an assortment of applications and monitoring devices. One of the latest developments is Theora Care, which basically helps you keep tabs on your loved one even when you aren't physically present. The goal is to ensure your loved one's safety while providing them with a little freedom and independence. 

What Is Theora Care?

Theora Care is a real-time application and wearable device designed to help caregivers monitor their loved ones' health when they're alone. Although the app can help anyone with medical needs, it is especially beneficial to seniors with memory issues or impairments because of the real-time alerts, reminders and communication features. Your loved one's vitals and location are monitored by the device and notifications are sent to the caregiver through the ATT network, which is currently the only network authorized to support the app. 

What Can It Do?

The company provides caregivers what they refer to as "situational awareness." Unlike GPS tracking devices that simply monitor the location of the individual, Theora Care sends you information about their condition by monitoring wellness in addition to the exact location. An AT&T Sim located in the device transmits the data over the network, sending it directly to your smartphone or other designated device. Since AT&T is one of the most reliable and trusted networks, you'll have some peace of mind knowing you won't miss out on an alert.

Here are some of the features at a glance:

  • The Quik Connect feature goes a step further and even enables communication between you and your loved one. The 2-way audio on the device allows you and your loved one to reach out to each other. There's no button to press or numbers to dial for the patient. 

  • Create customizable safe zones for your loved one. If she travels out of the safe zone, you'll receive an alert. 

  • An emergency SOS function alerts you directly. It doesn't transmit to a call center like other devices. You'll be notified immediately. 

  • Battery low alerts go directly to you so that you can ensure the device is properly charged and ready for use. 

Theora Care currently offers different devices options, including a wristwatch or a clip-on sensor. 

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