Nutritional Choices To Make Now That Will Help You in Your 60s

By Katie Gilbert

If you had a choice, would you rather eat a piece of cake or an apple? Most people would probably grab the cake, eat it, then ask for more. However, if you want to stay healthy as you age, then it essential that you start making healthy nutritional choices in your 20s and 30s. The food choices you make today can impact how gracefully you age in the future.

Choosing to eat a diet that is bursting with nutrients, antioxidants, lean meats and healthy fats can vastly impact your overall health and well-being as you age. For this reason, it may be time to put that cake back in your fridge and instead reach for the apple on your counter.

Benefits of Healthy Eating

Have you ever heard the phrase, you are what you eat?” If so, have you really thought about the implications of this phrase? In terms of nutrition, everything that you put in your body, affects you. Meaning, that if you eat only processed foods that are dripping in sugar or salt, you may feel sluggish, exhausted, and slightly depressed. But, if you eat a variety of fruits and veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats, you may suddenly feel energetic, focused, and stronger.  

Eating a healthy diet can help you age with dignity by providing you with the following benefits.  

  • Longevity: When you eat healthy, your body can get all of the essential nutrients that it needs from the foods that you consume. These nutrients can boost your immune system, repair cellular damage, strengthen your muscles and bones, and reduce your risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Eating a sensible, healthy diet can help you live a longer, fuller life.   

  • Sharpen Your Mind: Your brain and requires nourishment in order to stay alert and healthy. By eating healthy, you can improve your focus and your mental alertness, while also reducing your risk of developing dementia or Alzheimers disease. Regular consumption of nutrient-rich foods and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can nourish your brain and keep your mind sharp.   

  • Feel Better & Healthier: Lets face it, when you eat better, you feel better. Eating a diet that is bursting with nutrients, lean protein and healthy fats can boost your energy and even your self-esteem.   

 Healthy Eating Recommendations  

So what exactly is healthy eating? While many may consider that it involves being restrictive; however, eating healthily doesnt have be. As long as you make the right choices, you can chow down on meat and gluten and still live a long and healthy life.  

If you are like most people, you may struggle with understanding the ins and outs of nutrition. Since the explosion of the health industry occurred, it has become difficult to find information about healthy eating that is factual and easy to understand. To help you out, try focusing on the following principles of healthy eating to stay youthful and strong.   

  • Fruits and Vegetables: Eating a variety of whole fruits and veggies can help you stay healthy as you age. Fruits and vegetables are bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that all help keep your immune system strong and improve your cellular health. Choose a variety of colors in order to get the most nutrients. The colors of produce are due to their high antioxidant content, and by choosing fruits and veggies that differ in color, you can obtain a variety of antioxidants in your diet. 

  • Grains: Unless you have a health condition that prevents you from eating gluten, you shouldnt avoid grains. Instead, avoid processed white grains such as white bread and white pasta. Choose whole grains and complex carbohydrates because they are higher in nutrients and in fiber. Whole grains also contain antioxidants that can keep your heart healthy and strong.  

  • Protein: Protein is an essential part of an anti-aging healthy diet. Eating enough protein allows your body to repair itself and stay strong. Choose lean meats such as chicken and turkey, or fish for your daily intake of protein. Red meat can be a good option as well, but dont eat it everyday because it is high in cholesterol and saturated fat.  

Aging Gracefully

Eating healthy allows you to feel better and more energetic as you age. By following the recommendations above, you can make healthier choices and stay strong and youthful as you age. If you change your diet habits early in your life, then you can live a strong, healthy and happy life, and every once in awhile, you can choose the cake over the apple.  

For more information on eating healthily, check out our post on super foods. If you or a loved one needs assistance with meal preparation and planning nutritious meals, find a local Caring office near you! Our caregivers can help. 

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