Tenacity in the World of Fashion: Vogue Icon Anna Wintour

By Ruby Cemental

Anna Wintour is, simply put, a force in the world of fashion. Well known as the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine and for her iconic pageboy haircut, big sunglasses, and chilly demeanor, Wintour is an inspiring senior who will not settle for second best and who knows how to get things done.

Early Life

Anna Wintour was born in London, England in 1949 to a philanthropist mother and a newspaper editor father. Born into a family with considerable wealth, Wintour demonstrated a tendency to do things her own way at an early age. Her father was rigid and very stern, perhaps inspiring his daughter to embrace similar ethics early in life. Due to this mentality of knowing what she wants and going after it, she dropped out of school to delve deeper in to the culture that was 1960s London.

Fashion Career

Wintour started her run in fashion for the Harper's & Queen magazine in London and worked for subsequent publications in New York and London until landing a job as chief editor for the London version of Vogue. In 1988, she became editor-in-chief of Vogue America, and that's where her true legacy began.

When Wintour started her tenure at Vogue, she was concerned that the magazine had become boring and uninteresting to readers. Subscribers were decreasing in number, and she took it upon herself to renew its prominence in the fashion world. As time went on, her bulldog personality and knack for getting things accomplished did just that, turning out gigantic 800+ page issues packed full of fashion columns from all over the spectrum. At 832 pages, one issue was the most ever for a monthly magazine.

Secret to Success 

At 66 years old, Anna Wintour has built a career as a powerhouse in the fashion world. It is through her ability to take charge, speak her mind, and not become complacent in her later years that she continuously succeeds. She refuses to be intimidated by the younger set, and even demands that they respect her for decisions and ideas. What Wintour has shown is that seniors don't have to step back and let others take over. If one is happy, healthy, and determined, age doesn't matter in the accomplishments that one seeks.    

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