Where Private Duty and Home Health Can Partner Up

By Ruby Cemental

When private-duty agencies and home health care companies work together, it leads to better outcomes for patients post discharge. As seniors leave the hospital, they often need additional health treatment. Home health companies can address these needs. However, many home health agencies aren't able to be with a senior to help with day-to-day activities following hospital discharge. That's where private-duty agencies can step in and help. This transition period is a great time for these companies to band together. Learn more about how they can partner up to help reduce hospital readmission!

Reduce Hospital Readmission

With the health care system placing a premium on limiting hospital readmissions, coordinated care between private-duty and home health providers can pack a double punch in keeping patients safe at home after a discharge.

Because this time period is crucial to a senior's recovery and overall health, hospitals, home health agencies, and private duty agencies must work together to ensure overall safety at home.

Why does coordination have this effect?

A patient’s transition back into the home setting may not always be smooth sailing. Upon discharge, patients often feel like they are kicked out too soon from hospital care. Further, they are left with care instructions that they do not understand or are unable to perform on their own.

While hospital discharge planers do their best to discuss care plans with patients, their focus may still be on getting them out of the hospital as quickly as possible. They might not have the time or capacity to really focus on what's best for the senior.

However, when everyone comes together, home health care and private-duty agencies can create patient-centered goals to help seniors remain at home and out of the hospital.

How can care be coordinated?

Caring Senior Service works hard to coordinate efforts with home health care companies. Our proprietary software, Tendio, allows our caregivers to communicate directly with seniors, their families, and other healthcare professionals involved to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Our caregivers can provide updates on a senior's health and note any changes or red flags.

Feel free to reach out to our expert staff to learn more about how we can partner with home health agencies to get your senior the best possible care. And for more information, contact your local Caring office.

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