Meet Ms. Senior America 2017: Showcasing the Age of Elegance

By Ruby Cemental

You have undoubtedly heard of the "golden years." But what is the "age of elegance"? That is how the Ms. Senior America Pageant appropriately refers to their participants. Here is what we know about the pageant itself and the 2017 winner.

The Organization: Senior America, Inc.

Pageants aren't just for teenagers or young adults! Seniors can compete in pageants too. According to their mission statement, "the Ms. Senior America philosophy is based upon the belief that seniors are the foundation of America, and our most valuable treasure."

The pageant is open to women who have reached at least 60 years old, the "age of elegance," one that displays graciousness, dignity, and maturity, among many other qualities seniors exemplify. The purpose is to encourage seniors to embrace their wisdom, talents, and experience. The final winner is selected from state-wide pageant winners. We love that this pageant embraces age and helps seniors feel confident.

Ms. Senior America 2017

This year's winner was Carolyn Slade Harden from Newark, NJ. She went to Arts High School which was the first public school in the US that specialized in the visual and performing arts. While she has fabulous talent on the stage, Carol also went on to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Management Science, with a major in Finance.

Just like you, she loves and is very proud of her children and grandchildren. She enjoys helping others in many capacities. Whether you can participate in a pageant like this or not, know that you are loved and celebrated. Share your wisdom and experience with others. It will benefit many generations to come.

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