Margaret Ringenberg: Member of The Greatest Generation

By Ruby Cemental

Margaret Ringenberg took her first airplane ride at the age of 7 and took many more flights throughout her life. She was recruited as a WASP and was a great female role model throughout her life. Learn more about her!

Inspirational Pilot

In 1942, Margaret Ringenberg earned her private pilot’s license. When the number of male pilots dwindled during WWII, Margaret became one of about 1,000 women recruited as WASPs (Women's Air Force Service Pilots) to ferry planes from factories to airbases all around the country.

In 1945, when it was announced that the war was ending, the local newspapers in her hometown were both on strike. Due to these measures, Margaret was hired to drop leaflets announcing "Japan Surrenders!" Shortly after, she became a commercial pilot and instructor.

By 1994, She had logged more than 40,000 flying hours, took a drive at 180mph at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, piloted the space shuttle simulator, made her first around-the-world flight, and co-authored a book about her life--all after the age of 70. When asked about how long she intended to fly, her response was "As long as I can get in and out of the airplane." 


Brokaw's book titled The Greatest Generation, included a chapter dedicated entirely to Margaret Ringenberg. In this book she states, that as a senior in her late 70s and early 80s she gave motivational speeches at the Air Force Academy and served on a scholarship committee for low-income female academy cadets.

It's not difficult to find inspiration in someone who dedicates her whole life to helping others. Margaret never gave up on herself nor others which she cared about.

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