Margaret Atwood: Author and Activist

By Ruby Cemental

One of the more interesting quotes to come from the great mind of Margaret Atwood is that "another belief of [hers] is that everyone else [her] age is an adult, whereas [she is] merely in disguise."  Though she holds on to a youthful disposition as she approaches the age of 76, Atwood, the award-winning Canadian novelist, poet, and environmental activist, is a voice of her generation.

Early Life

Margaret Atwood was born in 1939 in Ottawa, grew up in Ontario, Quebec, and Toronto, and has written over 40 volumes of work in various formats from poetry to adult fiction to children's literature. She is and has been a lecturer at different universities in Canada and the United States, and has won countless awards for her writing.


As impressive as her body of work continues to be, Atwood's voice in activism for climate change is equally as such, if not more so. She has said that "time is running out for out fragile planet," and that the seniors of the world need to make this as much of a priority in their lives as the young millennial generation does.

As a leading voice for activism for the "Silent Generation," those born before 1946, Atwood argues that rather than climate change, it's everything change, and that seniors have just as much of a responsibility to remind people of its importance as everyone else, if not more. The people that she most despises are those that are "major polluters" of the planet, as they have no regard for our future.

Atwood has no intention of slowing down—in her mid-70s and beyond—in her quest to help rid the world of such polluters, and believes that, rather than spending too much time looking over their past accomplishments, people should work to make a difference in the lives of the present and the future.


Margaret Atwood is known for many things, the chief being her writing. What she should be known for, however, is her desire, even late in life, to make the world a better place for those who will come after her. She brightens the world with her writing, and she does the same with her dedication to keeping that same bright world as clean and pollutant-free as possible. One can't argue with the importance of such a senior figure in our lives.  

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