Justice for All

By Jeff Salter

Recent weeks have been filled with heartbreaking news of injustice and inequality — George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery. Although we face fear and uncertainty due to the current pandemic, our country aches for change to ensure safe and unprejudiced treatment for all.  

At Caring Senior Service, we have always been committed to creating the best care environments for our clients and caregivers, who come from all walks of lifeWe believe that our mission does not allow for racism, prejudice, or hatred. Caring for the elderly is and has always been a respected calling that crosses all racial and ethnic boundaries. 

During this time, we support our employees, clients, and referral partners in their desires to create change in their communities and this nation. We advocate justice for all and stand against any form of brutality. We do not accept mistreatment or intolerance. 

We have had many conversations within our headquarters staff and among our franchise owners about how we can address discrimination of any kind to put an end to injustice. Many of our owners have had similar open discussions with their team members across the country. We hope that this type of communication can help our team members recognize and put an end to racism. 

Instead of letting this important issue drive our nation apart, we must come together in this fight against inequality. We must have those difficult conversations. We must exercise patience, empathy, and understanding. We must be one. 


Jeff Salter 
Founder and CEO 
Caring Senior Service