Judith Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Modern Voice for Equality

By Ruby Cemental

Through the course of time, there have been many voices for gender equality. From The Suffragettes to Rosie the Riveter, history has shown some important names and movements. One of the current names in gender equality is Supreme Court Justice Judith Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is only the second woman to be appointed to the prestigious position. A model of caution, moderation, and restraint, Ginsburg continues, at the age of 82, to break legal ground for women and set an example of how life in one's senior years does not have to slow down.  

Early Life

Born in 1933 in Brooklyn, New York, Ruth Bader met her future husband, Martin Ginsburg, at Harvard University, and eventually attended Columbia School of Law. While there, she experienced many incidents of gender inequality, and despite her nearly flawless academic record and graduating first in her class, Ginsburg continued to encounter gender discrimination while seeking employment after graduation. Experiencing all of this inequality at a young age served as a springboard for seeking justice as soon as she was able.

Judicial Career

She clerked for U.S. District Judges, taught at Rutgers University Law School, and at Columbia, where she became that school's first female tenured professor. Early on, and before being appointed to the Supreme Court in 1993, Bader Ginsburg felt that the law was generally gender blind, and she was even more determined to level the playing field.

After arguing several landmark cases on topics ranging from abortion rights to sexual equality over the course of 20-plus years, Bader Ginsburg has no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. As the oldest current sitting member of the Supreme Court, she refuses to even discuss retirement. She still works out twice a week in the Supreme Court gym with her personal trainer. Plus, there are the daily stretching exercises at home.

According to the judges and others who work and have close relationships with her, she is still as tenacious and dedicated as she was in her younger years. For that, defenders of equal rights and justice in this country should be very grateful. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the modern standard for living a proud, meaningful, important, and inspirational life well into our golden years. 

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