Golden Inspiration: Mary Hardison

By Katie Gilbert

Mary Hardison may not be as familiar of a name as others in our Golden Inspiration series. Yet, her accomplishment is not only unique but may speak to a lot of families and loved ones. For one, she has been named the oldest female tandem paraglide. She even won the honor on her 101st birthday.

Inspiring Paraglider

Mary, whose grandson had recently taken up tandem paragliding, didn’t want to be outdone by her grandson. On a whim, she decided to try out her grandson’s new interest and go paragliding herself with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren there to help cheer her on. 

Before then, the most extreme activity that she had done was riding all of the rides at Disneyland. Her main interests, as she told Guiness World Records, are usually knitting garments for the less fortunate including caps for the children’s hospital, crochets bandages for leopards in India, and knit caps for premature babies.

Mary also told Guinness World Records, “My desire is for the elderly to keep on going, do things as long as you are physically able. Be positive. Mary also urges other senior citizens to stay moving and to continue to challenge themselves, even if it means them breaking her current record.

Her youthful spirit and competitive edge inspires seniors everywhere to do what they love and to try new things. She is a great example that age doesn't have to define or limit you.

Do you have something that you've wanted to cross off of your bucket list? Do it! And if you need a little extra assistance to help you, don't be afraid to reach out to our team of professional caregivers.

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