Dementia-Friendly Alaska Cruise: An Experience To Remember

By Ruby Cemental

If you or a loved one is dealing with the early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia, then you may understand the challenges of living with these conditions. How simple tasks can become confusing, and how memories can grow hazy and grainy when you aren't looking. It can be hard to find something to grab onto so you can anchor yourself, and it can be just as hard when you're trying to be your loved one's anchor. You should consider booking a dementia-friendly cruise that will help you, and your loved ones, be better prepared for the days to come.

Cruise & Conference To See Alaska's Beauty

If the idea of combining an Alaskan cruise with a conference all about how you and your loved ones can better cope with both dementia and Alzheimer's disease sounds like the kind of experience you can't pass up, then you are just who the event is for. Because while the event is an Alaskan cruise on board Holland America's Signature-class cruise ship, there are also keynote speakers, workshops, and other programming meant to be both useful and educational for those coping with these conditions. Not only that, but given the nature of the cruise, there is plenty of help to be had for caretakers and sufferers alike.

This cruise combines 2 things that both seniors and caregivers can both benefit from; a beautiful, relaxing, scenic cruise, as well as presentations and information about how to handle the coming years. 

Caring Senior Service has the experience, compassion, and training necessary for comprehensive home care, and we also offer a wide range of home care services that are all designed to make life easier for seniors and their families. To learn more about how to make your vacation cruise amazing with our Caregiver Vacation Checklist

Caregiver Vacation Checklist

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