Starting the Conversation about Bucket Lists

By Michael Watson

Dad more than likely has a bucket list, a mental list of all the things he’s always wanted to do. It may be to go deep sea fishing or to go to a Yankees game and sit on the first base line. Some of us might know what’s on it, other’s might not. For those who are not exactly sure, here are a few tips on getting the conversation started to find out.

Starting a Conversation about Bucket Lists

  1. It can be a fantastic idea to go through photographs together, in which dad is featured. This can bring back beautiful memories, and sets the stage for reminiscing, laughter, and learning things about him that may have been previously overlooked. It also opens the door for him to go deeper about that time period, what was going on in his life and the things he wanted to achieve back then.

  2. Talking about a shared interest also lays the groundwork for dad to open up about his bucket list. Chances are if you know what his interests are, there are also few you didn’t realize he had!  It can be a fun and eye opening experience, seeing a side of dad that was just never brought up.

  3. Watching a particular sports game with him can create a strong connection between you two, and invite conversation about life.  Sharing some cherished sports memorabilia, or a trophy that dad may have won, is a sure way to begin talking about life dreams, aspirations and how to see those through.

  4. Inquiring about dreams he had when he was younger, and if they came to fruition, is a great way to start a conversation with him as well.

Asking a father about their past accomplishments as well as inquiring about hopes for the future, lets a dad know that he is respected and valued. This is a great way to show your gratitude for the man who taught you how to prioritize life. Showing dad how loved and respected he is in this way is more about connecting with him on a deeper level, which can be the priceless gift you give to your dad.

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