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Changes in Medicaid and What Seniors Need to Know

Posted by Ruby Cemental on July 25, 2017

Seniors_advisor-LR.jpgSince its inception more than 50 years ago, Medicaid has worked hard in conjunction with other programs to increase the health of America's senior citizens. With the proposed Republican rewrite of the Affordable Care Act, which would mean significant cuts to Medicaid, here is what you need to know.

While some of the ACA would be kept, the parts that are being changed could mean drastic changes to the medical coverage available to seniors age 60 and over. One of these major changes is the reduction in federal payments to Medicaid. This could potentially mean higher premiums and costs for future enrollees and significantly reduced benefits for those already receiving long-term aid from the program. Premiums for older adults could soar as high as five times greater than those of their younger counterparts.

The reduced payments could also mean an unequal division of funds between at-risk groups, the elderly, disabled, children, among others, forcing states to decide how funds will be distributed due to a per-capita cap. Cuts could be significant enough to affect the reimbursements to healthcare providers such as nursing homes, forcing quality facilities to withdraw from participating in the Medicaid program. This would greatly influence the quality of care available to the aging population.

While there is still much to be ironed out in the new House GOP health plan, the potential for a drastic change in the way of Medicaid and its benefits for seniors seems inevitable. 

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