Angela Lansbury: Strength and Determination Personified

By Ruby Cemental

>Angela Lansbury is a living testament to the notion that old does not have to mean frail. At 89, Lansbury still considers many acting roles; in fact, just one year ago, at the age of 88 at a performance in London, she "hurl[ed] herself around the stage and rebound[ed] off the furniture as though broken bones were something that only happen[ed] to other people". There is seemingly no stopping her.

Early Life

Lansbury, perhaps most famous for her role in the long-running TV series Murder, She Wrote, was born in the Regent's Park area of central London, and, in what she described as "the defining moment of her life," suffered through her father dying when she was just 9 years old. Later, after her grandfather died and the family was threatened by The Blitz, her mother decided to move the family to the United States, where Lansbury started studying at the Feagin School of Drama and Radio in New York City.

Acting Career

After starring in upwards of 40 films, some of which garnering her nominations for awards like the Golden Globe and the Oscar, she landed what is arguably her most well-known role as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote, just before turning sixty. Lansbury, being the seasoned, veteran actress that she was, was given creative input over costumes, makeup and hair. She was also insistent that her character should remain a single, strong woman. Throughout the series' twelve year run, Lansbury took on even more roles in television films, miniseries, and theater.

Perhaps what is most notable about Lansbury and her life is that she hasn't quit "living" and doesn't plan to. She has added more than 20 projects to her impressive acting resume in the last 25 years, and has been nominated for countless prestigious awards as a result. When asked the keys to what makes women appealing in their older years, she answered, "...femininity, grace, warmth and just a sense of her own person. That's very important. Some of the most winning women I've known, however, haven't necessarily been brimming over with obvious femininity; they were very tailored women who were staunch and strong and marvelous."


Angela Lansbury simply refuses to vegetate. Her influence on seniors across the globe can be felt in those who refuse to let their golden years be anything but that: Golden. In her and other inspiring seniors, it can be seen that often the best things come late in life, and we should grab on to those things and disprove that "living" has to stop when we become less youthful physically, that our hearts, minds, and personal strength dictate our age. Lansbury was quoted as saying, "Here I am. I still go on, you know, like the tides." And, as the tides continue, so should we.

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