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Seniors and a Difficult Holiday Season: 5 Ways to Stay Cheerful

How Our GreatCare Method Addresses Senior Fall Risks

Ensuring a Senior's Safe Admission to Rehab or Home Health Care

What To Do After a Senior Has Fallen

Nutritional Needs of Seniors: A Healthier Lifestyle for a Healthier Life

The Starbucks Run Exclusively By Seniors

How Seniors Can Help with Thanksgiving Dinner

Exercising Indoors: Stay at Home and Get Fit

When Should I Get Long-Term Health Insurance?

Long Distance Activities to Do with Your Grandkids

INFOGRAPHIC: Exercises for Seniors to Help with Balance

Fun Ways to Celebrate the Day of the Dead With Seniors

Best Practices for Identifying High-Risk Discharges

Are Your Senior Loved Ones Ready for Flu Season?

5 Easy Costume Ideas for Seniors

Downsizing? Here’s What to Do with Family Photos & Home Movies

Movie Night: Picking Movies Seniors Will Enjoy

How to Travel Comfortably and Safely as a Senior

Why Facebook is Popular with Seniors

INFOGRAPHIC: Hospital to Home Step-By-Step Guide

Senior Safety: Learning to Fall

Cultivating Happiness & Health Together

Telehealth: A Modern Care Solution For Senior Independence

5 Hidden Costs of a Senior Parent's Hospital Stay

5 Ways Smart Homes Are Perfect for Seniors

5 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Mobility and Medical Equipment for Seniors

'Smart Glasses' Could Revolutionize Daily Living for Seniors

How to Choose the Right Pet as You Age

Best Apps for Seniors

6 Benefits Seniors Can Gain from Doing Yoga

Can a Virtual Bike Ride Help with Dementia?

Surprising Things Senior Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Enjoyable and Safe Activities To Do with Seniors

Exercise Wearables for Your Active Seniors

Who Should Get The Shingles Vaccine?

4 Signs It May Be Time For Home Care

Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

AARP’s Fit & Fun Health Challenge- Fun Health Facts You May Not Know

Getting Medicare to Cover Your Caregiver Costs

INFOGRAPHIC: Fall Prevention Fact Sheet

5 Questions Seniors Should Ask When Renewing Life Insurance

Tips to Prepare Your Senior for a Family Reunion

Tips to Care for Your Grandparent

Celebrate Father's Day with Tech Gifts for Grandpa

Changing Care: Daily Needs Change Often for Seniors, Here's How to Keep Up

Awesome Ways Baby Boomers Are Reshaping Retirement

Why Seniors Need a Vacation Too

What are the Benefits of Reminiscence Therapy?

Get Smart: How To Improve Senior Brain Health

Basil and Seniors: Meant for Each Other

3 Benefits of Validation Therapy

3 Tips For Helping Your Senior Loved One Honor Memorial Day

Elderly Insomnia: Important Signs to Look For

Costly End of Life Surgeries: Are They Worth It?

7 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Senior

Healthy Recipes for a Nutritious Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Weathering the Storm: Keeping Seniors Safe During Storm Season

7 Of The Best High Quality Incontinence Products For The Elderly

Reminiscence Therapy for Seniors with Dementia

Making the Most of the Outdoors: Gardening Tips for Seniors

INFOGRAPHIC: Quick & Easy Guide to Long-Term Care

Theora Connect - New Technology to Enhance Caregiving

Dementia-Friendly Cruise: Book Now, And Enjoy An Experience To Remember

Buying a New Car as a Senior

The Psychological Effect of a Hospital Stay on Seniors

Q & A: What is a Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

5 Tax Preparation Tips For Seniors

Basic Guide For Senior Spring Cleaning

Is Telemedicine the Future of Health Care for Seniors?

Heart Attacks: Men vs. Women

Is In-Home Rehabilitation Right for Your Senior?

6 Senior Readmission Prevention Strategies

Finding Your Former Sweetheart This Valentine's Day

Understanding Out-Patient Rehab

A Systematic Approach to Healthy Living for Seniors

Understanding Palliative Care And Its Benefits

Spending Super Bowl Sunday With Your Loved One

Tips for Winterizing A Senior's Home

Is Inpatient Rehabilitation Right for Your Senior?

Creating a Safe Exercise Routine For Seniors

New Year's Resolutions for Seniors

Explaining the Key Differences Between Medicare Plans A & B

Can the U.K’s “home first” philosophy be used for seniors in the US

Is Too Much TV Bad for Seniors?

Coordinating Senior Care with Your Extended Family

Healthy and Easy-to-Make Sweet Treats for Seniors

Great Gifts For Your Senior Loved One with Alzheimer's

Kitchen Safety for Seniors

Avoiding Holiday Scams: Advice for Caregivers

Virtual Reality for Seniors: 3 Practical Benefits

INFOGRAPHIC: Caregiver Stress Fact Sheet

Can Sleep Apnea Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease?

How Geriatricians Keep You Healthy Through the Golden Years

Meet Ms. Senior America 2017: Showcasing The Age Of Elegance

Home For The Holidays: Discussing Mom & Dad's Care

Medicare Law Protects Against Financial Disaster from Nursing Home Costs

Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes

Senior Safety While Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How In-Home Care Can Reduce the Risk of Hospital Readmission

The Hotty Toddy: Grandpa's Cure for the Common Cold

Benefits of Multi-Generational Housing

3 Tips for Making Halloween Senior Friendly

Fraud and Exploitation

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Best Cities For Seniors To Age in Place

Senior Home Ownership: Why It's On the Rise

Noticeable Changes That May Predict Cognitive Decline

Life After Discharge: Home Health vs Home Care

Practical Ways To Keep Your Senior Safe From Wandering

Helping Seniors Handle Inflating Healthcare Costs

Where Private Duty and Home Health Can Partner Up

Private Duty and Home Health Care are Partnering Up

When Does Medicare Pay For Skilled Rehab For Seniors?

Unique Ways to Use Vinegar

Helping Seniors Endure Natural Disasters

How Are You Celebrating Grandparents Day?

Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Senior Discount Guide: Where to Save Money at 50+ to 65+

Life after Discharge: Seniors with Multiple Chronic Illnesses

Guide to Seniors and Pet Care

The Rise of Male Caregivers: Expanding Home Roles

Walk To Support Alzheimer's Awareness & Research

Changes in Medicaid and What Seniors Need to Know

How the United Kingdom Is Becoming Dementia Friendly

Capturing Your Seniors Legacy

Bottom or Top Quartile: How Does Your State Rank for Senior Care?

Spotlight On Therapy Pets: What They Can Do For Seniors

When Dad Can't Drive: Common Senior Fears

3 Tips For Celebrating Father's Day With Your Dearest Dad

Why Mom and Dad Should Be Dancing

6 Books for Alzheimer's & Dementia Caregivers

Conversations to Have With Your Senior Before Going on Vacation

Find Support By Taking a Dementia-Friendly Cruise

Getting Your Loved One To The Graduation Ceremony

How Alexa Can Improve Your Loved One With Dementia's Life

Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

National Blood Pressure Awareness Month

Proactive Ways of Dealing with Elderly Depression

5 Problems Seniors Living By Themselves May Have

Telling Your Loved One They Need a Caregiver

How Common is Alzheimer's Disease?

5 Ways Humans Get Better With Age

How Seniors Can Use Facebook

Top 5 Tax Deductions For Seniors

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Seniors

A Senior's Guide To Twitter

Ways to Help Seniors Socialize and Avoid Isolation

INFOGRAPHIC: Taking Care of America's Seniors: The Importance of Homecare

Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

3 Shocking Scams To Be Aware of During Spring Break

5 Best Topics on Pinterest for Seniors

Costs of Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer's or Dementia

Signs that Family Caregiving Isn't Right For a Senior with Dementia or Alzheimer's

5 Ways to Prevent the Common Cold

4 Greatest Benefits of Technology for Seniors

What is The Difference Between a Nurse And a Caregiver?

5 Phrases to Avoid When Talking to an Alzheimer's or Dementia Patient

How to Help Seniors Protect Their Assets

Caregivers Can Enrich Family Bonds

What Every Young Person Should Know About Old People

Assisted Living Versus Independent Living: Are They Safe for Your Senior?

Home Care vs. Nursing Home: Making the Decision

How To Help Your Parents With Their Finances

Best Diet for Seniors with Alzheimer's

7 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Senior Home Care

Top Common Tech Upgrades That Help Keep Seniors Safe

17 Top Kitchen Gadgets Your Senior Will Love

3 Exciting Ways Technology Keeps Seniors Connected

25th Anniversary Honoring Caregivers Grand Prize Winners

Breathe Easy With These 5 Ways to Help Manage COPD in the Winter

Christmas Gifts for a Parent With Alzheimer's

Winter is Upon Us: Tips for Winterizing Your Senior's Vehicle

Don't Let This Holiday Season Disrupt Your Senior Loved One's Routine

Red Flags To Look For While Visiting Your Parents This Holiday Season

Cyber Monday: Safer Holiday Shopping for Seniors

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Blesilda Smith

Family Caregiving Stressing You Out This Holiday Season?

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Karen Mae Raguine

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Gloria Davis

Senior Caregivers: Taking a Vacation Without the Guilt Trip

7 Car Travel Tips For Traveling With a Senior Who Has Dementia

The 3 Step Caregivers Guide to Conducting a Home Safety Survey

5 Dental Concerns of Aging Seniors

Common Skin Changes in the Elderly

Voting Options For Seniors

Sweet Treats Seniors Can Enjoy

3 Benefits of Hospice Care

How to Help Your Senior Reduce Clutter

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Nancie Smith

Are your check up’s regular? Your health hopes so.

Becoming a Long-Distance Cancer Caregiver

What Are Normal Vital Signs?

What is Respite Care and Do You Need It?

What you Need to Know About Wheelchair Accessible Vans

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Carmen Rodriguez

Top 5 Memory Games for Seniors

How Common is Hearing Loss Among Seniors and What Can Be Done?

6 Easy Ways to Improve Memory for Seniors

5 Natural Ways to Manage Arthritis

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Ruby Smith

5 Safe Labor Day Activities for Seniors

Balancing Back to School for the Family Caregiver

Common Medication Mishaps and Tips For Avoiding Them

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Ann Levison

Is Family Caregiving Ruining Your Relationship With Your Siblings?

What the New MACRA Healthcare Law means for Family Caregivers

9 Reasons Why Reminiscing Can Benefit Seniors

How to Help Your Senior Maintain a Sense of Purpose

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Vanessa Varner

7 Tips Every Dementia and Alzheimer’s Caregiver Needs to Know

Caring for Seniors with Mesothelioma: A Guide for the Family Caregiver

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Shelly Davis

Freelancing for the Family Caregiver

Tips to Help Seniors Remember Joyful Moments in Life

A Surprising List of 5 Tips to Prevent Dehydration in Seniors

21 Activities for Seniors and the Grandkids

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Rosalba Valles

Best Vacation Spots for Seniors In The Summer

How To Stay Safe: Travel Tips for Seniors and the Family Caregiver

Physical Health Effects of Family Caregiving

The Importance of Home Care for CHF Sufferers

An Interview with a Great Caregiver: Deborah Ingram

The Importance of Home Care for Diabetic Seniors

5 Reasons Caregiving is More than Just a Job

5 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors & Their Caregivers

Tips for Effective Home Care after a Hip Replacement

Super Foods for Seniors: How to Eat Like You Will Live Forever

Understanding Your Senior Loved Ones Long-Term Care Policy

Supporting Family Caregivers of Disabled Veterans

Preparing for a Hospital Discharge? Plan for Success

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

Care Coordination: Tips for the Family Caregiver

Spotting Early Signs of Alzheimer’s and What To Do If You See Them

Preparing for Your Role as Parent Caregiver

5 Unexpected Words to Add to Your Caregiver Glossary

7 Questions Every Family Caregiver Should Ask to Show They Care

Best Options for Family Caregiver Education and Training

Must-Read Caregiver Books

Must Read: Caregiving Books for Adult Children Caring for Aging Parents

Five Healthy Habits for Family Caregivers

Caring for Yourself: 3 Easy Exercises to Relieve Stress as a Caregiver

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Guide to Home Safety Devices

Properly Managing Your Current Caregiver

Quotes for Caregiver Inspiration

Long Distance Support for the Family Caregiver

Are You Prepared for These 5 Significant Caregiver Duties?

Most Useful Caregiver Apps

Challenges Faced By Family Caregivers

Financial Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Tips for Coping with Remote Caregiver Guilt

Using Chat Rooms as a Caregiver Resource

Care Solutions for Commonly Faced Issues

Channels Where Family Caregivers Can Find Support

Parenting the Parent: Adapting to Your New Role

Is Family Caregiving Hurting Your Career?

Medication Worries?- 5 Tools to Help You Manage Meds Wisely

Tips for Asking Your Boss For a Flexible Schedule to Help an Aging Parent

Essential Self-Care Tips For the Family Caregiver

Organizations That Provide Educational Resources to Caregivers

How Self-Care For the Family Caregiver Keeps You Caring

Ways to Gain Peace of Mind as a Caregiver

Colonel (Harland) Sanders: Perseverance Defined

What can Happen after an Elderly Fall?

Tips to Prevent Falls in a Dementia Patient

Frank Gehry: Complex and Imaginative

Fall Injury Basics: What You and Your Loved One Need to Know!

Ellsworth Kelly's Impact on Creative Expression

Holiday Shopping for Seniors: Safety Tips You Shouldn't Forget

Carmen Herrera: Never Scared

Medication Education Can Prevent Elderly Falls

Roy Haynes: The Rhythm of a Long Life

Fall Risk Assessment to Keep Your Senior Independent

Essential Medical Evaluations After a Fall

Margaret Atwood: Author and Activist

Patience is a Must for Seniors and Hip Fracture Recovery

Judith Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Modern Voice for Equality

Tackling the Thanksgiving Shopping List for Seniors

Guide to Selecting the Proper Footwear for Senior Fall Prevention

Common Vision Problems that Cause Senior Falls and How to Treat Them

Tenacity in the World of Fashion: Vogue Icon Anna Wintour

Great Fall Prevention Exercises for Seniors

The Importance of Medication Management to Prevent Falls

Alton Brown—An Inspiring Celebrity Chef

Assistive Devices to Keep Seniors from Falling

Norman Corwin: A Writer for the Ages

A Matter of Trust: How Caregivers Can Help with Physical Therapy Exercises

Travel Tips For Traveling With a Parent Who is a Fall Risk

Elliott Carter: A Lifetime of Achievement

Iris Apfel: The Geriatric Starlet

Tough Talk: How to Discuss Finances with Parents Who Are Aging

5 Reasons Not To Miss Your Follow-Up Appointment

Judge Wesley E. Brown: An Inspirational Centenarian

Smart Renovations to Make the Bathroom Safer for Seniors

Saving Lives with Music: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer

Why Care Coordination is Important to the Health of Seniors.

Why Does My Elderly Mom Keep Falling Out of Bed?

Getting Out of the House With Elderly Loved Ones

The Strong-Willed Life of Rita Levi-Montalcini

What to Know About Shower Safety for Our Senior Loved Ones

Maxine Hong Kingston: Author and Advocate

Guide to Increase Mobility for Seniors

Angela Lansbury: Strength and Determination Personified

Tips & Tricks to Renovating Your Home to Prevent Falls

Dr. Ruth Westheimer: An Inspiration for the Young and Aged

Pain Management Facts for Seniors: Living the Best Life Possible

Turning 65: What You Need to Know About Medicare & Long-Term Care

Understanding Each Part of Medicare

French Cooking for Everyday Americans: The Legendary Julia Child

Caring Senior Service Named 2015 Franchisee Satisfaction Award Winner

Roth vs Traditional IRA: Considering Which is Best for Retiring Seniors

Clara McBride Hale and Her Neverending Family

Caring Senior Service Opens New California Location

Planning Retirement: Are You Ready?

Rules of 401K Withdrawals Made Easy

Adolph Zukor: Pioneer of the Entertainment Industry

Home Security: Safe Bets for Seniors

Martin Miller- An Advocate for Older Americans

When and Why to Consider Power of Attorney

Arthur Rubinstein: Inspiring Senior


Managing Responsibilities in the Sandwich Generation

Margaret Ringenberg: Member of The Greatest Generation.

Planning a Diabetic-Friendly Picnic for Seniors

Summer Skin Safety Tips for Seniors

Miles Davis: A Jazz Masterpiece

Aging in Place: It's a Family Discussion!

Cliff Young -- Why You're Never to Old to Accomplish a Dream

Tim Gunn: A Mentor For Those at Any Age

Improving the Effects of Stress on Elderly Memory

95 Year-Old College Graduate Beats Aging Stereotypes

What You Need To Know: Planning To Have An Advanced Directive

Small Changes to Make a Home Simpler and Safer for Seniors

How to Survive as a Member of the Sandwich Generation

Coco Chanel: Leaving Behind a Remarkable Legacy

Digging Through Dad's Bucket List

Golden Inspiration: Mary Hardison

Using Optimism and Resiliency To Help During Treatment

Factors that Raise Your Risk for COPD

Key Heart Disease Risk Factors To Watch For

What You Need to Know: Ways to Help Recover After a Stroke

Golden Inspiration: Theodor Mommsen

Golden Inspiration: Novelist Mary Wesley

Affording Long-Term Care at Home

Remaining True To Yourself Through the Years

Drawing a Life: R.O Blechman Pursues 50 Years Worth of Work & Joy

8 Ways to Help Celebrate Mother's Day

Benefits of Positive Thinking: A Healthy Reason to Become More Positive

What Is Person-Centered Care?

Golden Inspiration: Tamae Watanabe

Top 4 Reasons for Hospital Readmissions and How to Prevent Them

How Bill Cunningham Set Out to Create His Perfect Lifestyle

How to Have a Positive Conversation About Home Care With Your Parents

Unexpected Lessons From A Senior Marathoner

Continuing With an Interest For Over 50 Years

Kimani Marugue: Achieving Lifelong Dreams In Your 80's

Nutritional Choices To Make Now That Will Help You in Your 60s

How One Woman is Defeating Stereotypes About Aging

Golden Inspiration: Irving Field's Life on Stage

Reviewing Senior Care Options With Your Loved One

Golden Inspiration: Lifelong Learning to Promote an Active Mind

6 Ways to Cut the Costs of Senior Homecare

Golden Inspiration: Competing to Stay Active

Golden Inspiration: Starting Something New at an "Old" Age

How to Start Understanding Long-Term Care

Why Laughter Might Really Be the Best Medicine

Golden Inspiration: Finding the Motivation to Recover With Team Sports

Golden Inspirations: Staying Connected with Storytelling

What Actions to Take To Care for an Aging Parent

Golden Inspirations: Margaret Keane

Golden Inspirations: Overcoming Partial Paralysis

Avoid Caregiver Burnout: How Stress Can Impact Your Well-Being

New Year's Resolutions for the Home Healthcare Professional

Caregiver Solutions for the Holidays

Alzheimer's and Communication: 10 Ways to Have Better Conversations

Alzheimer's Risk Factors: What to Do When a Loved One Goes Missing

The Facts: Alzheimer’s Disease

DME Suppliers: What You Need to Know

Living a Healthy Life Can Postpone Your Care Needs

5 Ways to Help Strengthen a Senior’s Immunity

Safeguard Elderly Against the Outdoor Heat

Senior Living: The Wheelchair-Friendly Bathroom

Guide to Help Seniors Prevent Falls

Home Safe Home

Macular Degeneration: Don’t Be Left in the Dark

June is Home Safety Month!

Tips on Buying a Hearing Aid

New Texas Location - Brazoria County

Tax Deductions: Tips on Health Supplies

CSS Continues National Expansion With First Georgia Location

UTIs Can Be Life Threatening in Elderly

Sundowner’s Syndrome: Fighting the Winter Blues

Happy Holidays

Learn and Preserve Your Family History

Caring Senior Service of Central Texas is Under New Ownership

Caring Senior Service Opens Second Nebraska Location

Dealing with Appetite Loss

Strengthen Your Spine

Music Therapy for Seniors

Caring Senior Service of Raleigh Tranistions to New Ownership

Caring Senior Service Introduces First West Virginia Location

Proper Care After the Hospital

Caring Senior Service Now Serving South Dallas Residents

Forgetful vs. Dementia

Home Health vs. Home Care…What’s the Difference?

What Makes A Great Caregiver?

Homecare Can Help High Blood Pressure

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Continuing Education for Seniors

Caring Senior Service Opens Second Colorado Location

Caregivers Need a Little TLC

Welcome Columbus Home Care Business as Newest Office

Caring Senior Service Opens New Franchise in Mercer County

Happy Holidays from Caring Senior Service

Making Holiday Memories: Fun Activities for Seniors

Safety Care and Caring Senior Service Partner

Caring Senior Service Opens Twentieth Texas Office


Bill Archinal Elected to Board of Directors for National Private Duty Association





Caring Senior Service Odessa Hires New Agency Director

Caring Senior Service to Expand in Central Texas

Caring Senior Service Awards Alabama Franchise Territories

Caring Senior Service Awards Nashville Franchise Territory

Caring Senior Service to Expand in California

New Referral Services Director Announced

Caring Senior Service Named 2012 Franchisee Satisfaction Award Winner

Caring Senior Service to Expand in Wisconsin

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