How Caregivers Can Help with Physical Therapy Exercises

By Ruby Cemental

Physical therapy is a wonderful and even necessary endeavor for those, particularly seniors, who have had an injury due to an accident or even just have aching joints and arthritis. Many caregivers wrongly think that therapy can only be done by professionals when the fact of the matter is that caregivers themselves can help with physical therapy exercises. Read on to find out how this can be accomplished and the multitude of benefits that can come from it.

Basics of Physical Therapy

Simply put, exercise is a form of physical therapy, and it isn't hard to find proper exercises for various ailments. Exercises that the loved one in your care would enjoy and/or do best on a regular basis would be the most sensible and beneficial. Exercise should only be performed as much or as little as a doctor orders, so be sure to make an appointment to discuss any physical activity your loved one becomes involved in.

Manual Therapy

Likely the most well-known type of physical therapy is manual therapy, and, with care and patience, it can be done by caregivers. Gently massaging muscles and using slow movements to twist, turn, and loosen aching joints and bones can increase flexibility and decrease pain and stiffness. Additionally, it's not at all difficult when performed with comfort in mind.

Cold & Heat Therapy

Cold and heat therapy utilizes a mixture of compresses, massage, elevation, and rest, and is arguably the most simple form of physical therapy. These forms of therapy are known to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and swelling, and improve circulation, and can easily be administered by caregivers, again, upon talking to a doctor and with quality of life closely in mind.

How Caregivers Can Help

Aside from the health benefits, there are other advantages of physical therapy when caregivers are there to help.


For many seniors, it's difficult to get into and out of a car. If a caregiver can provide phytical therapy at home, it can be a huge relief for seniors.;

Comfort of Home

Performing physical therapy exercises at home can make seniors feel more comfortable. Not only do seniors get to avoid the hassle of transportation, but they also avoid having to perform exercises in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces.


Caregivers are generally loved (or well-liked, at the least) and trusted by those in their care, so the level of contentment and relaxation will be great also. Being there to assist with balancing, strength, and flexibility exercises will give the elderly person the confidence to complete the tasks with little to no anxiety.

To talk more about the positives of caregivers helping with physical therapy for the seniors that you love or any other concerns you may have, please contact Caring Senior Service today.

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