7 Questions Every Family Caregiver Should Ask to Show They Care

By Ruby Cemental

Taking on the task of caring for seniors is not just a job, it's a privilege and an honor. It is a chance to give of your time. To take on the shared responsibility of making their day a little more pleasant. This is the passion behind being a family caregiver. Every person that you come in contact with, either the senior you care for or a loving family member, should feel that you really do care. One way to ensure that this message clearly comes across, is to ask certain questions which pertain specifically to the senior you will be caring for. Here are 7 Questions every family caregiver should ask to show they care.

1. Will I be the only one caring for a senior?

Asking this question allows you to be introduced to other members of the family that may be providing care. Plus, it ensures that everyone is on the same page concerning their care. 

2. Does your loved one have a daily routine?

Comfort is key when it comes to caring for seniors, so making sure to stick to their daily routine ensures their comfort. 

3. What is your loved one's diet?

Asking this question shows that you care about providing them with the foods they already enjoy as well as eliminating allergic reactions. If there are diet restrictions, perhaps you need to take the time to learn some new recipes.

4. How does your loved one get around their home?

Mobility is very important to seniors so assisting them at their level of independence can decrease the chances of their discomfort. Will you have to help them out of bed or dress them? If there's a high risk of them falling, will you be able to lift them up?

5. What medications, if any, are they currently taking?

Knowing which medications they take daily will keep the senior in your care at optimal health. Take the time to consider and thoroughly learn any medication, treatments, and anything else you will need to implement while caregiving.

6. Which activities does your loved one enjoy participating in?

As a caregiver, your responsibilities aren’t limited to just medical care. You’re also providing companionship, love and friendship to those you care for. If your patient loves to read, help them find books they’ll like. If they enjoy brain games, find puzzles, crosswords or other stimulating activities to help them make the most of their days. 

7. How can I best be of service to you and your loved one?

This is the ultimate question because it shows that you are helping from a place of service and not obligation. 

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