5 Safe Labor Day Activities for Seniors

By Ruby Cemental

Labor Day is a great time to relax, enjoy your time off work, and be around your loved ones. When celebrating with your senior there are actually several fun activities to choose from. Here are five safe ways to spend time with seniors on Labor Day.

Be Crafty

Not only is this an all-inclusive activity for everyone in the family, it also gives seniors the opportunity to connect with the younger generation. Safe arts and crafts options for Labor Day include constructing cards using water-based red, white and blue paint, creating the American Flag with kid-safe glue and festive fabrics, or making fireworks with glitter and adhesive.

Bring Out Family Photos

While it may be embarrassing to share photos exposing outdated fashion, hair and makeup trends, this activity can bring out happiness and laughter. Taking a moment to reminisce about the past can also turn into a valuable learning experience for everyone in the family. This allows seniors to engage in celebration of Labor Day, and they also get the opportunity to pass on precious memories to future generations. 

Invite Other Seniors

The bigger the party, the better! Ask your elderly loved ones if they have any companions or friends they would like to join in on the festivities. This way, your senior family member won't feel isolated during the party, and this small action might mean the world for other seniors who are alone for the holidays.

Attend a Family Friendly Performance

Bringing the entire family out to a musical, play, an outdoor movie, or an art gallery can be safe and mind-enhancing for all. Be sure to take appropriate safety precautions for your seniors while traveling such as wearing comfortable footwear, packing medication, and bringing necessary shields against the summer heat.

Have Baking Party

Who doesn't like baking and eating sweets? This is another fun activity that allows seniors to bond with their grandchildren. Baking Labor Day themed cookies or applying red, white, and blue frosting to a layered cake is a delicious way to brighten up the holiday.

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