5 Natural Ways to Manage Arthritis

By Ruby Cemental

Arthritis can strike at any age, and symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness can interfere with a senior's ability to get the most out of life. While there are medical treatments available, many seniors prefer to take a natural approach. Seniors who are ready to go out in the world and be active again may find it helpful to use these 5 strategies to manage their arthritis naturally.

Try Tai Chi

This senior-friendly exercise program has ancient roots, and it is one of the best low-impact workouts for joints. As seniors slowly bend and move their arms and legs, the muscles and tendons surrounding the joints are gently stretched. 

Go For a Soak

Warm water loosens tight ligaments that contribute to arthritis pain. For additional pain relief, try adding Epsom salt to a warm bath. The magnesium sulfate has pain relieving properties that benefit those with arthritis.

Oil It Up

Seniors are often told to reduce the fat in their diet for better health. However, there are health benefits from certain oils. Extra virgin olive oil contains anti-inflammatory compounds that rival over-the-counter pain relievers. Seniors can choose to rub the oil directly on their affected joints, or they can take a spoonful a day.

Wear Proper Gear

The importance of quality footwear increases with age. Wearing shoes that have a firm, yet cushioned sole reduce the impact that hits the joints in a senior's legs. High tops can provide support for arthritic ankles. If a senior has pain in their wrists, then it is also important to wear supportive gloves during times of increased activity such as while quilting.

Increase Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with an increased risk of osteoarthritis. Seniors should ask to have their levels checked, and consider supplements if necessary. Getting at least 20 minutes of sunlight every day is also important for helping their body generate this critical nutrient.

When arthritis strikes, the pain can be debilitating. Fortunately, we have many ways to ease the pain and stress of a flare up. At Caring Senior Service, our expert staff is comprised of extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and trusted professionals who take pride in helping your loved one  manage their daily activities. Contact a Caring team today to learn more.

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