3 Tips for Making Halloween Senior Friendly

By Ruby Cemental

Participating in Halloween is a difficult decision for some seniors. Many have fond memories of their own children trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. However the decision to participate in this holiday can be hard for some. Here are some ways to make the holiday senior friendly.

Have Another Adult Present

For some seniors, the idea of getting in and out of a chair to pass out candy can make the holiday difficult. Be sure to have another adult on hand to help takeover if there are too many kids coming to the door.

Another idea is to position yourself and the senior adult outside, before the kids reach door. This way the senior adult can remain seated while enjoying the kids and their costumes. 

Attend a Party

Some seniors find it difficult being alone on holidays. Check and see if your local senior or community center is having a gathering or invite them to a neighborhood or family get together. Just being with friends and family can help lift their spirits.

Seniors can have fun dressing up if they want to! Here are some easy costume ideas that are perfect for wearing to a Halloween party. 

Don't Participate

Opting out of Halloween is okay too. Some seniors may not want to participate. If this is the case, suggest leaving a bowl of candy outside their door. Maybe place a note on their door indicating they are “busy flying around the neighborhood” or a cute Halloween poem in keeping with the theme of the holiday. At the least, turn the outside porch lights off to let trick-or-treaters know that your home isn't participating this year. 

Find a level of participation that works for you and have a “spook-tacular” time! 

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