3 Tips For Celebrating Father's Day With Your Dearest Dad

By Ruby Cemental

Father's Day is a holiday when we are given the opportunity to give back to our father and grandfather, and show them how we appreciate all they've done for us. However, as our loved ones get older, it might be more difficult to celebrate in the ways you used to. So if you are planning something special this Father's Day, keep these three tips in mind.

Tip 1: Keep What He Can (And Can't) Do In Mind

Sometimes we get so caught up in a good idea that we forget it might be beyond our father's comfort zones in his old age. If your dad suffers from dementia, for example, then it might be a bad idea to go on a day trip that's far away from familiarity and assistance. If your dad has trouble walking, then you should see whether there's a wheelchair option for your activity. Most places will accommodate seniors, but it helps to ask before hand. Here is a list of tech gadgets that he might be interested in. 

Tip 2: Make The Day About Him

Father's Day is a celebration of your dad, so you should make it about him. Ask his input, and try to gear it toward things you know he enjoys. Many dads don't want a fuss made over them, but a little thought can go a long way, and make the day particularly touching—especially if you don't spend as much time together these days as you once did.

Tip 3: Don't Wait Till The Last Minute

If you want to do something for Father's Day, don't wait until the last-minute to plan any activities. Make reservations, buy tickets, and check your dad's calendar in advance to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. It will come in handy, particularly if your dad has medical concerns you need to keep in mind when making plans.

At Caring Senior Service, our expert staff is comprised of extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and trusted professionals who can help you make sure your dad remains healthy, happy, and at home. And that could be the best Father's Day gift of all. 

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