25th Anniversary Honoring Caregivers: Grand Prize Winners

By Ruby Cemental

We've had a great year celebrating Caring Senior Service's 25th year anniversary. Throughout this year we've honored our top caregivers with some great prizes. We have mailed out tablets, TV's, and laptops. Some of our caregivers were even featured in local papers and magazines.In addition, we wrote blogs based on transcripts taken from each one of our chosen caregivers. We sent the blog out to our many referral partners so that each of our partners could hear in our caregivers' own words why delivering GreatCare is so important to each one of them. Throughout this wonderful year of celebration, we also raised money for a great cause, "The Fight to End Alzheimer's."

As a Caring family, we raised close to $20,000 to go towards Alzheimer's research. Our top caregivers and their respective office's were big factors in helping us raise funds. We would like to publicly thank them for their efforts and officially announce the Grand Prize Winners of our Honoring Caregivers Campaign in celebration of our 25th Year Anniversary!!!

Caring Senior Service of Charleston’s Caregiver: Deborah Ingram,  $2400

Caring Senior Service of Kerrville's Caregiver: Ann Levison, $2400

Caring Senior Service of Stroudsburg's Caregiver: Marianne McCarthy, $2380

Congratulations Deborah, Ann, and Marianne, and congratulations to the Charleston, Kerrville, and Stroudsburg offices for working so hard to raise money for your respective caregivers.

We would also like to recognize the El Paso and Victoria offices whose caregivers each raised over $2000. Special recognition goes to Kevin Shell owner of Caring Senior Service of Camden County who raised $4900 for the Alzheimer's Association, his office was tops in the company, (his office did not have a caregiver competing in the contest).

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