What Does Senior Care Cost in Bergen County?

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Bergen County, New Jersey, is one of the most expensive areas for seniors to live in. Bergen County is about 40% more expensive than the rest of the United States. The median price for a house in the area is $454,500, and groceries, transportation, and education all cost more in this geographical area as well.

Another area that costs an astronomical amount is assisted living homes. Seniors in Bergen County may find themselves in the position of needing extra help on a daily basis, so they start looking into care homes around the area. However, for seniors on a strict fixed income, the costs alone will stop them from making the move.

Assisted Living Costs

The monthly average for seniors who would like to move into an assisted living residence is $3,850 a month. While some centers charge less, around $2,200 a month, some are even higher, at $4,900 a month. This comes out to tens of thousands of dollars a year to receive personal assistance.

Nursing Home Costs

A nursing home is much higher. The average cost is $263 to $280, the lower being for a semi-private room and the higher for a private room. Remember, that is the rate per day.

Home Care Costs

Some seniors may balk at hiring a home caregiver. But the savings and convenience will far outweigh any fears they may have. In New Jersey, the average hourly rate for a caregiver is just $19 an-hour. Caregivers will come to the home of the senior and help out with daily tasks, such as cooking, errands, bill-paying, cleaning, and even companionship.

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