10 Warning Signs that a Senior Needs Home Care

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 As we get older, we naturally slow down. Performing tasks that used to be routine may require assistance. Many seniors realize they need help after something happens simply because they did not recognize the warning signs.  

To help families recognize the need before something happens, we have created this 10 Warning Signs Handout to help you determine if now is the time to explore home care options for yourself or a loved one. Find out if you or a loved one is at risk?



“Knowing when it’s time to hire a caregiver isn’t always clear... Look for the signs, and take a proactive approach to your or your loved one’s in-home care needs.” –

Goal of these 10 Warning Signs:

  • Provide tools you need to assess your loved one’s need for care 
  • Assist you or a loved one in determining if it’s time for home care 
  • Help you identify signs of aging and special health concerns 
  • Give you confidence and peace of mind in your decision


Get The Warning Signs

"Learning to recognize the early signs of need for a loved one or symptoms of caregiver stress will assist you in evaluating your or your loved one's needs."

– Care Conversations

"Thinking about care options for your loved one can be stressful... Planning well can help you continue to be there for your loved one."

– Esther Heerema
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